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Meet our current pups looking for their furever homes!
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Available Pets

Looking for a new pet to add to the family?

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Our Mission
The mission of  Pawsitive Warriors Rescue is to advocate for the welfare and responsible care of animals, protect them from neglect and cruelty, and promote humane awareness and compassion.  We believe that because domestic animals are a product of human intervention, we have a special obligation to them in regard to humane treatment and responsible stewardship.  We are committed to finding safe, loving, committed, permanent homes for all animals in our care as well as educating families to ensure confidence as a pet owner. As a partner of the community, we promise to accomplish this by demonstrating and upholding our core values of love, respect and integrity in EVERY interaction while having complete respect for life.

 Your Helping Hand

 In the world of rescue, nothing is ever easy. We are committed to keeping these animals safe and healthy but sometimes that is just not the case. We have emergencies that arise outside our control. We have been brought animals that have been beaten or starved or even left for dead. Trying to save them from their injuries they received, is not really something we can look away from. Giving up on them is not an option.  It is heartbreaking when our efforts fail and we struggle to figure out how we can do better. We wish we could save everyone of them. We are not county or state funded so we rely on donations, FUNdraisers and your support. If you would like to donate to the medical help of these amazing animals, please click on the link above and together we can do miracles.

Love Always Wins!

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